Documents and tools

  • Contracting documents (zip 1.8 MB)
    Published in April 2019. Includes Subsidy contract, Partnership agreement & Financial guarantee
  • Implementation manual - Version 3.1 (zip 3.5 MB)
    Published in August 2018 including a change log for comparison with version 3.0
  • Project management toolbox (zip 10.7 MB)
    Kicking off implementation information, Mid-term review documents, Output factsheets, Investment report, Partner report, Joint progress report and Light report templates,Request for modification template and Final report template
  • Project finances toolbox (zip 5.0 MB)
    Control documents, Daily rates, Financial correction report,Lead partner verifications checklist, List of expenditure, Mid-term review financial tables, Payment request form, Periodic staff report, Purchase form, Timesheet template
  • Project communication toolbox (zip 18.3 MB)
    Communication strategy template, Eligible promotional materials factsheet, Project brand manual and Project website manual, Final update of the website tips
  • eMS toolbox (zip 4.5 MB)
    eMS walk through, guidance on Contracting, filling in Supplementary information, Partner report and Joint progress report, List of expenditure and Reporting on closure costs