First Call For Project Proposals

The first call for project proposals is open

from 15 November until 23 February 2022

 With an indicative budget of 72 million EUR from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), our first call addresses public and private organisations across central Europe. We invite you to work together and jointly solve common challenges that know no borders - to ultimately reach our programme vision. 

"Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE envisions a united central Europe
that cooperates to become smarter, greener and better connected together.
Based on shared needs and a common identity, the programme
for a trustful culture of cooperation beyond borders."

Step 1

Read All KEy documents

The legal framework of our first call is outlined in the Terms of Reference (ToR). More general information about rules and requirements to be observed when applying with us can be found in the programme manual. Being familiar with both documents as well as the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE programme document (IP) is essential for developing a good project proposal. All relevant documents can be downloaded at the link below.


Step 2

Develop YOUR

If you want to get familiar with the thematic scope of our first call, you can start by watching our thematic tutorials. These videos will introduce you to the new funding priorities and objectives that future projects should address. For more information visit our web pages dedicated to the new priorities. We recommend you to also check the results of current projects, as they can be a good starting point on which to build your project idea. 


Step 3

FOR Your Idea

If you are interested in joining a project idea, our applicant community is the best place to start your cooperation! The community will help you to get in touch with organisations from across central Europe and facilitate bilateral exchanges in view of our first call for proposals. You can also use other platforms for your partner search such as the KEEP database, or the Interreg-Horizon synergy tool


Step 4

Make use of
our support

The application process can be quite challenging. We understand that! That is why we offer a range of support measures to guide you through the process of writing high-quality project applications. Thematic tutorials, FAQs and a helpdesk are already available for you and our national contact points can be contacted anytime. This support will soon be complemented by further tutorials, Q&A webinars and also individual consultations.


Step 5

Self-Assess your project

Are you closer to submitting your project proposal, but before doing so, you want to double-check if it is really relevant? Our self-assessment questionnaire will help you to determine if it covers all important aspects of a good project proposal and points out possible shortcomings. It is a great way to look back and re-evaluate your application yourself before taking the next step. 


Step 6

Request A  consultation

Until 11 February 2022, we offer a non-compulsory individual consultation for each project idea. Our experts will discuss with you the relevance of your project idea and answer questions related to contents, communications and finances. Please note, only one consultation is granted per project idea. Ideas should therefore be in a more mature stage when requesting the consultation. 


Step 7

Finalise your application

In the application form, all essential information about the project must be clearly presented. It is the basis for quality assessment and subsequently the project selection. The offline application form cannot be submitted but it provides you with many useful tips and practical guidance on how to  complete various chapters before entering information into our online submission platform (Jems).


Step 8

Submit your proposal

When you reach this step, you will have read all documents and developed a relevant proposal with a competent partnership. Together you will have outlined a sound and mature work plan to deliver long-lasting benefits and changes to our regions. There is only one last thing to do: to submit your project proposal. Jems will become available at least three weeks before call closure. Good luck!


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applicant community

Applicant community

Our applicant community brings together organisations from across central Europe. It facilitates project partner search and presents already existing ideas. If you have an idea or simply want to join others to work together on their idea, this is the best place to start your cooperation.

Join community

tutorials and webinars

Online tutorials

If you quickly want to get familiar with what we fund thematically, have a look at our tutorials. Before spending time reading all our documents, these short videos will introduce you to the basics of our funding priorities and specific objectives that new projects are expected to address.

Watch tutorials

FAQs and helpdesk

Frequently Asked Questions

In our regulary updated Frequently Asked Questions you will find answers to common questions that we receive regarding our funding. If you cannot find an answer there, do not hesitate to contact our permanent helpdesk. We are there to help you and to support you along the way.          

Contact us


national support

Central Europe programme area

You can also reach out to our national contact points (NCP) in all programme countries. They will offer support regarding the call, and provide you with information in national languages on primarily national application issues. Look out for their upcoming information days!

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