Environmental Rehabilitation of brownfield Sites in central Europe

With an estimated three million sites affected by industrial contamination, Europe faces real challenges in improving brownfield areas.

GreenerSites developed and tested actions based on a sustainable, integrated approach to improve the environmental management of the brownfields located in their territories.

Project partners developed and tested more sustainable and novel technical solutions in brownfield management:

  • Elaboration of new strategies for the rehabilitation and regeneration of the contaminated sites.
  • Set up of new systems for monitoring the contamination in the groundwater, soil and air.
  • Test of some novel soil remediation methods.
  • Implementation and test  of a geo-information tool to collect and manage brownfield data.


Based on the solutions found project partners  identified concrete actions to be implemented after project completion to promote the environmental rehabilitation of brownfield sites in their Functional Urban Areas.

A Common transferability Manual  will ensure that the GreenerSites approach is replicable in other contaminated sites and the strategies adapted to different contexts.

The project also reinforced capacities of the public sector to plan and carry out brownfield regeneration in a sustainable way by providing public employees with new skills and know-how on the environmental management of unused industrial sites. Technicians from the partners' institutions and their stakeholders benefited from a full training package which included transnational seminars, local training sessions and study visits to improve their skills and knowledge on environmental management.



GreenerSites has come to an end

After 3 years of intense work and fruitful cooperation among the 11 partners, GreenerSites project came to a succesfull end. Prevalence of brownfield sites accross Europe has directly shown the necessity of strategic actions for the sustainable development of involved territories. GreenerSites has comprehesively addressed this challange by delivering valuable measures for the rehabilitation of the brownfields. We hope that our approach can enspire other organisations in other territories.

GreenerSites in Numbers




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Strategic Action Plans


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Pilot Actions


Project Partners

GreenerSites partnership is made of 11 partners from 5 central Europe countries working together to bring about a shared and enhanced knowledge on integrated environmental management of brownfields

 Greenersites duration

Start Date

June 2016

End Date

july 2019