URBAN INNO is transnational cooperation project funded by Interreg CE, aiming to improve sustainable linkages among actors of the innovation system for strengthening regional innovation capacity in central Europe.

A significantly better linkage of actors within urban innovation ecosystems (public authorities, research organizations, industry as well as end-users respectively customers and citizens) is needed for a better use of innovation potentials. Public and private sectors recognize that there is especially a significant gap in the field of participation in innovation processes from people as citizens and as users and customers. Many smart solutions, technologies and services are not used widely because of the lack of knowledge and motivation or acceptance of end-users.

URBAN INNO is addressing the challenge to make central Europe more innovative and competitive by maximizing the innovation potential of smaller and medium sized urban ecosystems by:

  • Better linking of actors in innovation systems by establishing and interlinking quadruple helix urban innovation (4UI) networks in the partner regions - smart urban ecosystem
  • Developing and implementing new participatory methods and tools to engage end-users in innovation processes with the objective to have educated and motivated users - smart users
  • Connecting 4UI research-driven ecosystems with joint transnational urban innovation strategy to enhance the transfer and exchange of urban innovation models and practices all over CE area - smart cooperation.



Project news and events 06/2016 - 05/2019

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