What are the major outputs and results TOGETHER has achieved?  

Our goal was to encourage Public Administrations  to improve Energy Efficicency in their buildings also by involving users in energy management. TOGETHER aimed at changing the existing atomistic vision into a holistic vision of the buildings as a whole of functions and relationships between physical space, technological devices and users’ needs-behaviour.  In order to sum up, TOGETHER achieved the following major outputs:
1 residential train-the-trainers course

8 local training paths organised in the PPs regions covering more than 500 training hours

8 pilot actions encompassing 84 public buildings that combined smart meters solutions with low cost measures to reduce energy consumption, such as improvement of users’ behaviour, better space/time usage of the buildings, recommissioning measures and revision of the organisational procedures;

8 investments in automatic energy monitoring systems covering 71 buildings and 8 pilots covering 84 buildings. The investments boosted the players' awareness about their energy consumption patterns and stimulated them to set smart goals of energy reduction;

a Transnational Strategy sustaining an integrated vision of energy efficiency in public buildings; 

36 Action Plans approved aiming at introducing the tested solutions on a wider range of public buildings;  

TOGETHER results can be listed as it follows:

decreased reluctance of the public officers and experts to approach integrated solutions to energy efficiency under the motto “together, we can move a new energy” and to believe in actions investing in the demand side rather than in the supply side;

increased capacity in energy monitoring, which is crucial to estimate the renovation potential and development of renovation concepts and road maps. Turning the experts of the PAs into facilitators in the entire process of supporting the implementation of behaviour-based energy efficiency measures has been a common challenge and expectation exceeding the capacities of a single authority.

And finally, giving flexible knowledge to the public administration officers, i.e. equipping them with skills, making them really competitive in the energy field not only locally but also at European level required transnationally developed methods, tools and testing.

Transnational exchange and peer-reviewing have proven to be effective tools to learn integrated methods that all participating authorities could benefit from. 




If you want to know more about our TOGETHER project, write to europa@provincia.treviso.it


The TOGETHER library is an open platform where you can find many interesting guidebooks, presentations, on-line tools and case studies that will help you improve the energy features of your building(s) and involve building managers and users in energy saving activities. The resources have been categorized into 4 main topics: technical, financial, DSM and other relevant aspects related to the overall topic of energy consumption optimisation.

In case you are interested in having your contents published, we invite you to write to the following addresses: 





In the online game "Planet defenders" while researching energy points throughout the city map, you are introduced with all the topics important for protecting our planet Earth from negative impacts of climate changes. Even though each one of us as individuals is small on this planet, together we can make a difference. There is a „A waterfall flows, and flows, and flows; / What does my little drop mean to it? Look, a rainbow appears in the water, / And it shines, and trembles in thousand colours. My little drop helps to create / That dream in the waterfall and makes it shine.“

Play it and improve your energy efficient behaviour!

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This section contains a selection of the most relevant project documents in English. For the national versions of these documents and more in depth material about these issues, please check the specific sections of the website.


This section contains videos and multimedia contents developed within the project TOGETHER. The contents are available for free to everyone. They aim to instill proper behaviour in public buildings users. We invite you to use them to promote energy efficiency in as many contexts as possible. Let's communicate together energy efficiency!

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