Just imagine: You are sitting at home and evening is approaching. A gulf of fresh air comes in from the open window and you start feeling chilly. You switch on the heating, but the familiar sound of your little gas boiler is simply not there. You wonder why and realise that there is no gas boiler anymore! Thanks to the ENTRAIN project!

Renewable district heating (DH) systems are currently among the most effective and economically viable options for reducing fossil fuel consumption and decarbonising heat use in urban areas. Despite the existence of ready solutions, in central Europe such approaches often lack the support of effective policies or investments. 

District heating systems fed by heat produced from renewable sources and focusing on quality has been one of the main objectives of the ENTRAIN project: building on existing experiences and collecting available knowledge to foster the diffusion of RES DH plants operating on quality standards and thus assuring economic and environmental sustainability.

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ENTRAIN: “Enhancing renewable heat planning for improving the air quality of communities”

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Project outputs:
First step: set up of RSAG (regional stakeholders advisory groups), initial survey in the five target areas, guidelines for renewable heat potential, renewable heat potential assessment;
Second step: country-specific planning guidelines for renewable heat potential, training sessions (local trainings + train the trainers), study tours;
Third step: regional action plans, factsheets on the local case studies, new local financing&support tools, guidelines for spatial multi-criteria analyses and pilot heat planning at local level.
To zoom-in to each region and read documents in national language, please go to the regional section.
For the enhanced QM system documents and tools, please go to the QM section.

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Welcome to our online training toolbox, tailor-made for you!
Below you will find the training materials and tools developed within ENTRAIN: the training sessions conducted by our Austrian expert partners ("Train the trainers"), the local training sessions in our five target regions, and a collection of study tours of renewable disctrict heating plants across Europe.
You can dowload the single presentations and watch the videorecording where available.
All training material is divided into
4 target groups: have a look at the categories and click on the dedicated section of your interest. Thank you!


Let's learn from our expert partners! We have organized 5 train-the-trainers sessions in which the consortium and external guests have benefited from our German and Austrian partners' knowledge and experience in renewable district heating. All trainings are based on the QM system and guidelines but also cover funding/economy, operation and optimisation, consumer relations, emissions/air quality, fuel and ash logistic.
Trainings nr. 2 - 5 have been recorded: watch them on YouTube at this link

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QM-Quality Management system documents and tools:
District heating systems with high shares of renewable energy sources and focusing on quality: this is one of the main objectives of the ENTRAIN project. The ENTRAIN working group has translated in English and national languages the quality management (QM) system for biomass district heating (DH) plants "QM Holzheizwerke®" (QM for Biomass DH Plants) www.qm-biomass-dh-plants.com
We have also been updating and enhancing it through the integration of other energy sources (such as solar thermal, geothermal, waste heat from industrial or commercial recovery, heat pumps) and the adaptation of new standards regarding flexible DH solutions. QM for Biomass DH Plants defines a process and quality requirements to guide biomass DH plants from planning to optimised operation. This QM system originated in Switzerland and then spread to Austria, Germany and with support by the ENTRAIN project recently also to Italy.

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To zoom-in to each region and read documents in national language, go to the regional section.






On March 17 in Brussels projects ENTRAIN, REWARDHeatTEMPO and the Celsius Initiative teamed up for a full-day workshop that focused on best-practice policies and actions for fostering the use of local energy sources, as well as technological innovations to optimise the operating temperature of the district heating networks. 

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