STREFOWA- Strategies to Reduce Food Waste in Central Europe

STREFOWA ended September 2019, but the network continues in the 

#reducefoodwaste competence network

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Multi-language STREFOWA Tool

During the project duration all known initiatives to reducefoodwaste in Central Europe were added to the tool. New initiatives can be added and searched by country, type, initiator and many more. The tool is available in English, German,Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Czech. Find more


STREFOWA Factsheets and Training Materials

Do you want to teach to #reducefoodwaste? Do you need food waste facts all summed up and nice? Find them here to download for consumers, producers, retailers,... 


online tool

Find solutions to #reducefoodwaste in the CE region in our online tool

In the #reducefoodwaste online tool you can find food waste initiatives across Central Europe.
Find the one relevant to you by country, sector or type of organization. Available in English, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, German and Czech. 
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STREFOWA Food Waste Hackathons

NEW - Food Hack Manual

In 5 countries, we dedicated one weekend to  come up with ideas for apps or websites.

Concepts ranged from food sharing to apps helping to waste less, shop wiser and store food better. Based on our experience we distilled a manual so that anyone can organize a hackathon in their city.

We are here to #reducefoodwaste in Central europe

STREFOWA aims to reduce and management food waste in Central Europe. The participating countries are Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary and Poland. Together we report the current knowledge on food waste amounts in the five selected countries as well as the quantities of food waste that are prevented by the currently existing best practices in food waste prevention activities/initiatives. Find our results in the Best Practice on Food Waste Prevention Report and the Status Quo Report on food wasted in Central Europe to download here:


More materials and national information can be found at


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