Solutions for a Stronger
Entrepreneurship Culture

Supporting businesses offers many opportunities. Migrants that are interested in starting up on their own, often have already experience with running a business in their home country. Migrant entrepreneurs nevertheless face numerous challenges in business creation in new places. These challenges include language and cultural barriers, as well as a lack of access to information and financing. Skills development is also key to encouraging entrepreneurship. 

Ongoing actions of our projects include:

  • Development and implementation of strategies and solutions that build on different business cultures and on all levels of education to improve entrepreneurial mind-sets and frameworks
  • Fostering entrepreneurship and strengthen related skills
  • Improving skills of the public and private sector as well as strengthening entrepreneurship including social entrepreneurship, coherently with priorities set in relevant national or regional smart specialisation strategies

Solutions Created by Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Projects:  

INTERCULTURAL HUB: Platform made especially for migrant entrepreneurs, featuring tips for success, business tools, e-learning content, information on national topics and a meeting place for migrant entrepreneurs to connect

Interactive map of local social and community-based enterprises that focus on migrants

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