Solutions For The
Transition to Clean Energy

The transition towards a low-carbon economy is closely related to climate change mitigation measures and increasing energy efficiency.

Many regions of central Europe are still highly dependent on fossil fuels and their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are above the EU average. Significant regional disparities exist, given energy efficiency performance as well as the use of renewable energies. These disparities make it difficult to meet the EU 2030 energy targets and climate objectives of the European Green Deal. 

Transnational cooperation offers clear benefits in addressing these specific challenges by:

  • Increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy to reduce GHG emissions  
  • Improving the energy performance of buildings  
  • Fostering the uptake and roll-out of energy efficient technologies and solutions in all sectors  
  • Strengthening policies for integrated low carbon planning  
  • Fostering behavioural changes for reducing energy consumption 
  • Promoting sustainable multimodal urban mobility, as part of transition to a net zero carbon economy

Solutions created by Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE projects include: 

Policy recommendations for decision makers on the use of public funds 

► Transnational strategy for an integrated vision of energy efficiency in public buildings

Transnational concept for setting up energy units within municipal administrations

Guide for public authorities to plan mobility strategies in functional urban areas

How to Be More Energy-Efficient