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Migration is not a novelty in the countries of central Europe. Our area has witnessed different migration patterns and flows for centuries, which have touched all countries in many ways and for many reasons. Moreover, countries like Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, have become receiving countries in the past decades, while remaining also migration-sending countries. They have become destinations for considerable population flows of temporary workers, international students, and business people from outside the EU, and most recently of refugees fleeing from the war in Ukraine.  

In the light of the dramatic events in Ukraine, it is more crucial than ever to create more welcoming societies. According to the UN Refugee Agency, a welcoming and inclusive society can support the integration of resettling refugees by ensuring that they are able to access the resources they require for their integration and participation in the community; by offering opportunities for them to be heard and fostering a climate of understanding and acceptance of people from refugee backgrounds.

General tips for developing more welcoming societies include:

  • Call for the support of community leaders in communities that receive refugees, including existing minority communities
  • Identify integration experts in relevant ministries and other institutions
  • Establish links with local refugee support groups (voluntary and paid)
  • Include funds for activities to support community cohesion
  • Develop a media strategy and communication materials that are targeted to specific audiences and co-produced with refugees to demystify, explain and promote resettlement
    Source: The UN Refugee Agency Integration Booklet

Solutions Created By Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Projects:  

Guidelines for policy-makers and practitioners for integration and inclusion of refugees 

► Accessible and tailor-made services and practical help in getting through administrative procedures

Making Ukrainian citizens feel welcomed and safe through better communication and legal support  

Toolbox for stakeholders in rural regions to support the social and economic integration of migrants and create local welcoming culture (includes 9 tools as well as policy recommedations)

How to Promote Social Inclusion