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The End - NewPilgrimAge Project
After 3 years, the NewPilgrimAge project came to its end. After a very successful online closing ceremony held by Szombathely, we are almost finished. It was a very nice journey and all of the partners, and the people as well who worked on this project gained lots of new knowledge and memories.What more is there left to say? We have this full website as lecture note about everything.  

Successful Online Closing Ceremony
Instead of cancelling everything because of the pandemic outbreak, Szombathely decided to make everything possible in the virtual world, and needless to say, it was very professional and well made. 

Finished Handbook and Animation
Before ending the project, a handbook was made about how to achieve community engagement in heritage projects with the active involvement of local residents in order to develop and design new cultural products and services.  

Online Closing Ceremony
Before we knew it, our lives turned upside down. In the current pandemic situation every big event was cancelled, so it's no surprise, that the Closing Ceremony of the NewPilgrimAge project as well. But fortunately Szombathely found an innovative way to make everything happen. 

Pilgrim Pages - Magazine about the NewPilgrimAge Project
The Mindspace team usually works with fun and easy-going methods to get the local community in Budapest moving. This time, they made a whole little magazine called “Pilgrim Pages” dedicated to the NewPilgrimAge Project.

Coronavirus Outbreak: How the NPA Communities Cope with this Situation #2
In March of 2020, the coronavirus outbreak hit Europe. Here is the second part of the interview about the partner cities and their fight with the COVID-19. 

Coronavirus Outbreak: How the NPA Communities Cope with this Situation #1
In March of 2020, the coronavirus outbreak hit Europe. Here is the first part of the interview about the partner cities and their fight with the COVID-19. 

“I hope the project NPA will be successfully carried out. I also wish that the rose will follow into St. Martin’s footsteps and spread to as many places as St. Martin visited”, says Josip Rogin, the hybridizer of the rose Cappa Sancti Martini dedicated to the town of Dugo Selo and its patron St. Martin.

Capsule story with Róbert Orbán, Chairman of Via Sancti Martini in Hungary.

High School Students of Dugo Selo: Ivana Martinović, Renata Pavić and Sara Siladji under the mentorship of their economics teacher Ivana Gradečki designed a successful entrepreneurial project. It was about rosé wine. In promoting this wine the students emphasized the rich tradition of winemaking in Dugo Selo as well as its connection to St. Martin.

An interview with Gordana Kocaj, director of the Red Cross Society of the Dugo Selo.

What’s on the tv? Saint Martin in the Veneto Region!
At the beginning of October, the staff of Unpli Veneto went to Vittorio Veneto (TV), to join the web show “La Tenda TV”, in order to present his work about Saint Martin in the Veneto Region.

CAPSULE STORIES #1 - Ildikó Szommer
Ildikó Szommer, acting manager of the St. Martin Institute of Szombathely tells her story and connection with our project's main saint. 

The St. Martin kids application is ready!
As a result of the project and on the basis of the suggestions coming from the Local Stakeholders Group the St. Martin Kids application and website have been created for kindergarten and schoolchildren and for families with small children.

The Saint Martin Week is growing thanks to the NPA Project
Since the beginning of the activities of the NPA Project in 2017, the link between the City of Albenga and Saint Martin is growing. The programme of the 2019 Saint Martin’s Week demonstrates this.

5th Translation Exchange Meeting in Dugo Selo
The most recent reunion of NewPilgrimAge project partners took place at the fifth Transnational Exchange Meeting held in Dugo Selo at the end of October (between 28 and 30). Partners evaluated pilot actions, drafted Model Component 3, reviewed local maps, held co-creation session on sustainable common branding and visibility, and discussed the possible cooperations after the project implementation ends.

The Testing Phase Is Almost Over - Szombathely
The testing phase of the St. Martin Kids application is coming to an end. 

'Follow the Stepping Stones' in Szombathely
The Saint Martin Institute of Savaria County Museum organised guided walks called ‘Follow the stepping stones’ on the St. Martin Historical Walking Trail (Via Historica Sancti Martini) on September 18 2019. 

The local community initiated its path to the development of the Local Roadmap
After the first workshop launching the process for developing the Local Roadmap by involving the entire local community was held in Albenga. All the members of the Local Stakeholders Platform were invited to participate in the refresher meeting, during which the main NPA Project achievements were briefly presented (including the on-going Pilot Action Plan) and the forthcoming participative process explained. 

INFO Point – the Old Vine House and the grape harvest of the Old Vine
In the heart of the old city centre on Lent stands the Old Vine House, which is an important landmark on the Cultural Route of St. Martin and at the same time the most important information point for all hikers on the path of St. Martin and app users. 

An interview with Nada Kozić, head of the Centre for Culture at POU (People’s Open University)  Dugo Selo, the author of the book "Martinska baština u Dugom Selu" (St. Martin’s Heritage in Dugo Selo) and head of the fine artists’ colonies dedicated to St. Martin

CAPSULE STORIES #4 - Marina Periša
An interview with Marina Periša, a geography teacher at Primary school, Ivan Benković, the initiator of the  project of thematic workshops on cultural and religious heritage of St.Martin

Virtual walk through old church of Saint Martin in Dugo Selo
Check out this promotional film about a „Virtual walk through the old church of Saint Martin in Dugo Selo“ made by Ivan Foretić.

Stage of Refinement and Testing of the Application and Website
Maribor project team has already made a website and an application of St. Martin's route that runs through the Municipality of Maribor. A lot has been done on the content and on the technical side.

Mindspace Workshop for Kids in Hungary
During the 7rét festival in the Őrség region of Hungary, Mindspace held a NewPilgrimAge coloring and stamping workshop for kids and their parents.

Testing of the St. Martin App
Within the NewPilgrimAge project a modern infocommunication tool is being developed in Szombathely which will present the elements of the local tangible and intangible heritage of the St. Martin cult with 21st-century technological solutions and an innovative set of instruments. 

Saint Martins's role in Unpli Veneto
Check out this video made with Pro Loco Association Unpli Veneto where they talk about the saint itself and why people get involved with our project. 

Hike along the St. Martin's route in Maribor
In April, the NPA project group from Maribor together with Change Driver, organized a hike along the part of the St. Martin's route through the Municipality of Maribor. 

Dugo Selo - Capsule Stories #3 
This time it's an interview with Mario Mlinarek, president of The Cultural and Arts society Preporod which promotes the cultural tradition of Dugo Selo and also European values like solidarity and hospitality associated with St. Martin. 

Dugo Selo - Capsule Stories #2
Mario Bokun, an opera singer of the Croatian National Opera House in Zagreb, the initiator of annual sacral music festivaldedicated to St. Martin the patron saint of Dugo Selo was interviewed. 

Workshops in Szombathely
On the frame of the NewPilgrimAge project two professional workshops were organised in Szombathely on the revalorisation of St. Martin’s heritage where following a brainstorming session the participants reduced the scope of the best ideas and their feasibility

A curious and untypical travel through the Via Sancti Martini: the Transnational Idea Fair in Treviso!
On 30th March, Unpli Veneto hosted the Transnational Idea Fair and every Partner of the project presented their works and the ideas they will realize in their area. But it was not a traditional fair... 

Dugo Selo - Capsule Stories #1
Interview with Predrag Topić, the Director of the Dugo Selo City Library whose collection includes the “Terra Sancti Martini“ regional library.

The XXI Century Albenga’s Pilgrim Started His Journey
Read about Sergio Giusto, the Albenga’s Pilgrim, who is undertaking Saint Martin’s journey by walking from Szombathely back to Albenga.

Cultural Heritage Events in Dugo Selo
What a busy period for Dugo Selo! Here you can read some short stories about what happened in Dugo Selo during January and February.

Mid-Term Videos Released
In these videos, partners summarize their activities since the kick-off of the NewPilgrimAge project. More visual footage available on our youtube channel.

UNPLI Veneto - Capsule Stories #2
Ghedina Rid on Saint Martin's presence in Veneto Region, as a part of NewPilgrimAge capsule Stories.

UNPLI Veneto - Capsule Stories #1
Franceschet Ridotto on Saint Martin and the Fruit of a Social Support, as a part of NewPilgrimAge Capsule Stories.

Maribor - Capsule Stories #6
''I am inspired by the project’s stakeholders sociability, spreading the feeling of homeliness; encouraging the visibility of local attractions. I like it, how the project manages to connect different nations in a very pleasant way. I was surprised, how many cultural heritage is still in my hometown, that I hadn’t been aware of.'' 
Click here to read about Guiness’ Record holder filmmaker Franc Kopič and his contribution to NewPilgrimAge.

Maribor - Capsule Stories #5
''I see huge potential, presented in the European cultural way Via Sancti Martini, as its infrastructure is already established – but in the local environment, where I live, it lacks the content, the raison d’être. This project gives us the opportunity to co-create attractive touristic offer with different suppliers along the way. ''
Click here to read the interview with Team Maribor is the Future! member Barbara Izlakar.

Maribor - Capsule Stories #4
''Based on NewPilgrimAge project, visitors and buyers, who avoid cities otherwise, come to our city Maribor. At present days especially tourists and domestic guests and buyers come to visit our city.''
Click here to read the interview with the director of Cooperative ArtMiJeMar Darja Viher.

Maribor - Capsule Stories #3
''Each public can find something interesting for itselves, although at first sight the cultural heritage of Saint Martin seems a narrow field.''
Click here to read the interview with the manager of the European Cemetery Route Dušan Vrban.

Maribor - Capsule Stories #2
''We all have different cultures and history. We always find common values, common goals and we give effort to establish common future.''
Click here to read the interview with the change driver Mag. Uroš Vidovič.

Maribor - Capsule Stories #1
''We talked with them on what cultural heritage actually is, what it means for and to them. ''
Click here to read the Interview with head of PIKA Daily Centre for Children and Youth programme Simona Martinšek.

Newsletter #3 Released
Click here to read more about what our partner cities have been doing to revive Saint Martin's heritage in the last couple of months!

Cultural heritage workshop with secondary school students
ZRC SAZU has organized workshop in one of Slovenian secondary school with an aim to understand what young people and teens 17-18 years old imagine under the concept of cultural heritage as well as how to bring this  heritage closer to them. 

FAI volunteers welcomed NewPilgrimAge partners 
FAI young Albenga-Alassio volunteers welcomed the NPA Project partners during the study visit, and guided them when visiting Saint Michael Cathedral.

Mid-term Event Speech: The Amazing Evolution of Matera
During the Week of St. Martin, Albenga hosted the third transnational meeting of the NPA Project, as well as the project Mid-Term Event. The invited speaker, Mr Nicola Trombetta, councillor of the City of Matera, shared with us the amazing ‘evolution’ of his city.

Award Ceremony of the NPA Idea Contest took place
The awarding ceremony of the winning ideas selected within the framework of the NPA Idea Contest took place during the Week of Saint Martin in Albenga. 

Saint Martin's Parade 
Click here to check out the photos from Saint Martin's Parade at Dugo Selo, Croatia.

Szombathely natives enjoyed St. Martin Festival
Thanks to the cooperation of the city and the Diocese of Szombathely as well as of several non-governmental organizations, the large-scale series of events provided the opportunity for the citizens to celebrate the Saint Martin Festival. Took place between November 6-8, programme included sacred music concerts, a book presentation, a holy mass, an adventure playground leading through the stages of St. Martin’s life and the well-known vesper are included in the programme brochure amongst others. 

Saint Martin's Birthplace I Szombathely
Check out this video to tour Saint Martin's birthplace in Szombathely, Hungary as a part of Interreg CE NewPilgrimAge Project and get an idea about where his route started first.

3rd Transnational Exchange Meeting Press Release
The representatives of the NewPilgrimAge project came together on the 8th-9 th of November 2018 for the third time in Albenga, Italy.

Mayor of Dugo Selo awarded Idea Contest winners
Dugo Selo awarded the creators of best ideas about Saint Martin’s heritage within  the public competition. Notably, far-seeing ideas that used technology efficently were chosen. A downloadable, virtual exhibition in city’s website and  an online QR code quiz application for students made the final cut. Check the video watch footage from the award ceremony and the interviews with winners:

1st Local Stakeholder Platform Meeting @ UNPLI Veneto
Check the video to see how UNPLI Veneto’s first platform meeting went with its community and stakeholders as a part of NewPilgrimAge Project.

Book on Saint Martin’s presence in Veneto Region I Ghedina Rid
Prepared by UNPLI Veneto, Italy within Interreg CE NewPilgrimAge Project, author Paolo Ghedina talks about his book "Sulle Orme Di San Martino", meaning "On the Footprints of Saint Martin", describing his 11 itineraries among the Veneto. It includes a complete collection of cultural, historical, artistic  and iconographic heritage of Saint Martin in the region. 

Savaria Eterna!
This is what the Savaria Historical Carnival, the largest community event of Szombathely is about. This year the festival got enlarged with special Saint Martin related venues and programs.

Maribor selected Idea Contest winners

Out of 19 entries, Maribor partners selected 4 winning ideas. 3 of them are cultural-touristic projects and will further popularize NewPilgrimAge, the Old Vine, St. Martin route, legends, and customs by interactive map applications and social media. Octopous-project won as a social innovative idea.

We pressed Saint Martin’s messages on T-shirts and bags
During Ars Sacra Festival, thanks to a fortune constellation of Mindspace, Inner City Parish Church and Verkstaden, we co-designed and hand-printed Saint Martin ‘statement’ T-shirts and bags.

Fairplay Café opened in Szombathely
A Fairplay Café selling African coffee has opened in Szombathely. Its serves as a public space, which aims to improve the quality of coexistence in society. The café is run by young people taking up their career and disadvantaged employees. Szombathely partner welcomes this café, as they promote St. Martin’s intangible heritage, like solidarity and humanity.

 The Director of the European St. Martin Cultural Route paid a courtessy call on NPA's Lead Partner

Latest researches in the field of cultural heritage

Maribor's reflection on the first year of NPA

Szombathely spreads the word in France

NewPilgrimAge at Mojstrana conference
ZRC SAZU, actively participated in the conference and presented the paper named Ways of transmission, interpretation and utilization of intangible cultural heritage among young people. ZRC SAZU talked about activities in NPA projects as well as some results of recently realized study, where they analysed how young people understand ICH, how they will safeguard and present it and if they know St. Martin’s heritage and his social values.

Communities’ Week 2018 Szombathely

Saint Martin and the fruit of a Social Support

Creation of Local Vision in Albenga

The Gallinara Island and sport

Piazza Sancti Martini – 24-26th of August 2018

In the footsteps of St. Martin – a legend and reality

Day of Europe in Dugo Selo

NPA was shown as a good example of participatory cultural heritage project

NewPilgrimAge at Sežana workshop
The aim of the workshop was to find out what youth at 17-18 years old understand under the concept of cultural heritage, how heritage is interpreted in different school subjects, how they will make heritage more attractive, and how they view St. Martin’s social values and use them in their lives.

Interview with Uroš Vidovič

Summary of the 2nd TEM

NewPilgrimAge at Interpret Europe conference
The Interpret Europe conference, titled Heritage and Identity, organised in Kőszeg, Hungary, was one of the activity organised in the European Year of Cultural Heritage.  The member of ZRC SAZU's team, Jasna Fakin Bajec, presented the paper titled Ways of interpreting Saint Martin’s heritage for more social unity and understanding among Europe’s citizens.

NewPilgrimAge at UNESCO’s workshop
A capacity-building workshop on Implementing the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage was held this January. One of the member of ZRC SAZU’S team, Jasna Fakin Bajec actively attended the workshop and find out many interesting facts, which are important also for the research work in the framework of the NewPilgrimAge project. Among many things the experts put special attention on the role of community in safeguarding process.

NewPilgrimAge at Nova Gorica press conference
ZRC SAZU presented the NPA projects, its main aims as well as a paper published in Izvestje 14, an article named  Via Santi Martini in Goriška and Kras region. The article presents the life of St. Martin, challenges of the project NPA, some findings from the first Transnational exchange meeting and how to arrange the Via Sancti Martini in the west part of Slovenia

European level benchmark study is available

Albenga and Saint Martin Day

Back to the future | Youtube videos have launched

First milestone reached | Local Stakeholder Platforms

The big change driver question

1st Transnational Exchange Meeting
 | Ljubljana 

Kick-off meeting | Szombathely