CE Responsible - Empowering Social Business in Central Europe

Even though the project CE Responsible has ended in March 2022, it continues to connect successful entrepreneurs with social entrepreneurs through a developed platform, to make strong, long-term connections. It's a win-win situation: while social entrepreneurs gain the knowledge and expertise they need, successful entrepreneurs create a new business environment and improve positive social impact. The main output enabling the synergies is the net4socialimpact.eu platform. The website also contains coaching toolboxes and resources for both social entrepreneurs and altruistic ones. 

Very proud end-result of the project is also our Altruistic entrepreneurs’ international association, whose objective is to establish a common platform in Central Europe for the promotion of altruistic entrepreneurship and encouraging long-term cooperation between altruistic and social entrepreneurs. You can join it HERE, and become a part of the story!

Project partners also developed and implemented three strategic documents for improving skills and competences which are: Central Europe roadmap for upscaling support to social entrepreneurship sector, Central Europe sustainable framework model supporting specifics of social entrepreneurship and Policy recommendations. In order to test the functionality of the resources and toolboxes, 11 project partners successfully implemented seven pilot actions for testing these tools, supporting both target groups in the process and building the initial network of entrepreneurs across Central Europe.




APRIL 2022

newsletter #6

After three years, the CE Responsible project is ending. In the following pages, you can learn about the activities we finalised in this last phase of our project, such as: impact brochure, closing conference and coaching materials for social entrepreneurs. 


MARCH 2022

Newsletter #5

We kicked off 2022 with the organisation of Social Siesta Webinars. This edition of the newsletter brings an overview of the best socially entrepreneurial
synergies from Slovenia. We are excited to announce our final dissemination event, online conference Supporting the Economy of Positive Change.

december 2021

newsletter #4

The three year journey of the project is slowly coming to an end. Almost two years since our last physical meeting, CE Responsible partners finally met in Zagreb in person. Over the last six months, we have identified and selected 10 innovative social projects. 



june 2021

Newsletter #3

Coaching materials for empowering social enterprises were finalised and started to be implemented in partner countries.  We organized the first online Impact Conference together with another Interreg project, DelFin. We launched our net4socialchange platform - a great tool for social entrepreneurs. More about everything in the upcoming pages of our new newsletter.



Our newsletter is out! In the following pages you will find more information about recent developments within work packages; coaching material designed to support social entrepreneurs in implementing innovative solutions and in using ICT tools that can subsequently  improve their internal and external communication.

APRIL 2020


Enjoy reading our newsletter! We would like to share with you some interesting information about our analysis
we have made on Social Entrepreneurship in our partner countries (Austria, Italy, Czech Republic,
Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, and Germany).


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