"Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE envisions a united central Europe that cooperates to become smarter, greener and better connected together. Based on shared needs and a common identity, the programme aims for a trustful culture of cooperation beyond borders."



To achieve the above vision, we will launch a first call for transnational project proposals on 15 November 2021. Concrete technical information and requirements for project development, including terms of reference, the programme manual and the application form, will be published on that day. 

The first call of our new programme is directed at public and private organisations that want to work together beyond borders. Our funding will support them to cooperate on solutions for common challenges of central European regions and cities that know no borders. 

The call will close on 23 February 2022 and, depending on the amount of applications received, the funding decision is expected before the end of the year so that successful projects can start soon after.

In the meantime, we support interested organisations in developing transnational project ideas and finding partners across central Europe. We are providing basic information and have launched a new community for applicants to develop transnational partnerships.

Call Basics








Call launch
on 15 November



ERDF co-financing
for all partners


million ERDF
indicative budget


The call will be open in all programme priorities and all specific objectives. Transnational cooperation actions are expected to address the development and implementation of strategies, action plans, tools, training, pilot actions and related solutions. All actions will have to respect environmental sustainability principles and also horizontal principles of equality and non-discrimination.

Funding priority 1

Cooperating for a smarter central europe

In this priority we fund projects that enhance innovation capacities and encourage the uptake of advanced technologies. But also those that build capacities for smart specialisation, industrial transition and entrepreneurship. The indicative budget for this priority in the call is EUR 22 million.

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Cooperating for a greener central europe

In this priority we fund projects that address environmental challenges in central Europe and help increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. But also those that encourage sustainable urban mobility. The indicative budget for this priority in the call is EUR 36 million.       

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cooperating for a better connected central europe

In this priority we fund projects that improve transport connections of rural and peripheral regions in central Europe and enhance sustainable, intelligent and intermodal transport, including connections to TEN-T corridors. The indicative budget for this priority in the call is EUR 7 million.  

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Improving governance for cooperation in central Europe

In this priority we fund projects that improve capacities of public authorities on all territorial levels for setting up and implementing integrated territorial development strategies through cooperation. The indicative budget for this priority in the call is EUR 7 million.                           

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At this stage, the support measures listed below are available to interested organisations.
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Applicant Community


Our brand new applicant community will bring together organisations from across central Europe. It facilitates project partner search and presents already existing ideas. If you have an idea or simply want to work on an already existing idea, this is the best place to start your cooperation.

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Explainers and webinars


If you quickly want to get familiar with what we fund, have a look at our explainers! Before spending time reading the whole strategy document, these short videos will introduce you to the various funding priorities and concrete actions that new projects are expected to address.

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FAQs and helpdesk


In soon to be published Frequently Asked Questions,you will find answers to many questions we receive regarding our funding. If you cannot find an answer to your question there, do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk. We are there to help you and to support you along the way.

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National support


You can also reach out to our national contact points (NCP) in all programme countries. They will offer support regarding the call, and provide you with information in national languages on primarily national application issues. Look out for their information days as of autumn!

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Call-Related Documents


Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE is a transnational cooperation programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the European territorial cooperation goal of cohesion policy. Our programme encourages highly integrated partnerships that span and represent different levels of government and administration, embracing both public and private-sector bodies and different policy areas. Through these partnerships, transnational cooperation projects are able to develop, prepare and implement joint solutions to common problems and challenges.

When forming an Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project partnership, the following minimum requirements have to be met:
- At least three financing partners;
- From at least three countries;
- With at least two of the partners located in the programme area.
Furthermore, the lead partner has to be located in the programme area (see also FAQs below).

The following institutions can participate in our transnational project partnerships:
- National, regional and local public bodies (including EGTCs);
- Private institutions, including private companies, having legal personality;
- International organisations acting under the national law of any programme Member State or, with restrictions, under international law.

The participation of partners from outside the programme area (see below) is only allowed if it brings clear benefits to central European regions. ERDF co-funding can be granted to partners in EU Member States outside the programme area upon conditions. Partners from outside the EU can participate in projects as observers but cannot receive ERDF co-funding.

Programme area 2021-27


The Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE programme area covers regions and cities from nine EU Member States: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. In the new programme, the area was enlarged by Braunschweig in Germany. Find a list of all participating regions here.

With an area of more than one million square km, the programme affects the lives of 148 million people, which share a common history and cultural identity. The territory is characterised by structural differences between regions with growing urban and industrialised areas and rural or peripheral areas often characterised by lower competitiveness and shrinking populations.

The programme territory runs along large parts of the former Iron Curtain covering regions with significant differences in their socioeconomic history. The area is an important cross-junction for European connections beyond its own borders. As a consequence, many trade and transport routes cross the area on transnational rivers, streets and railroads. This makes central Europe a hub for socio-economically relevant corridors.

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