Please find the results of the third SIforREF project phase below:

  1. Report describing the kind of pilot chosen (labour market, social integration or both) and the sequence of activities to be done (Deliverable D.T3.1.1)
    BERLIN - Incubator Cafe for refugee women

  2. Report related to the selection of equipment below 15.000 euro for the pilot action in BOLOGNA (Deliverable D.T3.1.2)

  3. Report on pilots' activities in
    LIUBLJANA - Connecting refugees with the labour market, education and craft (Deliverable D.T3.2.1)
    BOLOGNA - Welfare Community Management (Deliverable D.T3.2.3)
    VIENNA - Magda’s hotel: Labour market integration through a learning case (Deliverable D.T3.2.4)
    VIENNA - Magda’s Kantine: Labour market integration through small scale activities (Deliverable D.T3.2.5)
    BERLIN - Incubator Cafe for refugee women (Deliverable D.T3.2.6)
    BERLIN - Work for refugees, inspired by the activities of Paritätische Wohlfahrt (Deliverable D.T3.2.7)

  4. Comparative Report of activities implemented in the pilots (Deliverable D.T3.2.8)

  5. Evaluative report emerging from round table in each city with all the people involved in pilots (Deliverable D.T3.3.1).

  6. Comparative evaluative report on the pilot activity with the social and economic features of the territories where pilots have been implmented (Deliverable D.T3.3.2)

  7. Short film documenting the various steps of the pilot, including interviews with refugees (Deliverable D.T3.4.1)

  8. Round table minutes and Short film which collects all the local video documentation (Deliverable D.T3.4.2)